Little M's Creations - Creating a fancy world for our little Prince and Princesses!
Little M's Collection

Tutus and Wings
Tutus and Wings
Beautiful two-layered Tutu with floating rose petals. with Butterfly wing decorated with sparkles and marabou center
Tshirt or Onesie for Infant and Toddlers
100% Cotton Infant or Toddler Baby Onesie or Tshirt with Animal Prints
Toddler Cotton Beanie Hats
These toddler cotton beanie hats are made from 100% cotton. They fit children from 1-8 years of age!
T-shirt and Pant set
T-Shirt and Pant SET
100% Cotton Infant/Toddler T-Shirt with matching Pant set
Sun Hats and Purses
Sun Hat and Purse; fits size 2-8 years of age! Can be custom made for you :)
Small Flower Waffle Headbands
These custom headbands are made with stretchy nylons or 1.5" crochet headbands. Embellished with 3" or 4" Silk Flower!
Onesie and Pant set
Onesie and Pant SET
100% Cotton Infant Baby One-Piece with Animal Prints and matching Pant Set
Large Flower Waffle Headbands
Crochet Headbands with Large 4" Silk Flowers
Infant Crochet Hats (0-6m)
Infant Waffle Crochet Hats
These Infant Crochet Hats are made for a picture perfect day. They fit infants 0-6 months of age.
Infant Cotton Beanie Hats
These Infant Cotton Beanie Hats are made from 100% cotton. They fit infants from 0-12 months of age.